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You Artistry Collaborative (YAC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, intercultural co-educational movement of artists and educators providing an integrated approach to learning because there is no “one-size fits all” in education. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, YAC inspires young people to be productive and active members of the workforce community by partnering with them through the Arts to strategically ask questions and find solutions to problems. 

We work with a variety of public and private sector partners globally to bring a unique and effective brand of experiential, intergenerational, community and project-based learning to young people through STEAM Education. 

Our passion at YAC is to promote an international, human-centered exchange curriculum that focuses on Art, Science, Technology, and Design through the lens of our 5 Pillars – Entrepreneurship, Artivism, Economic Development, Civic Engagement, and Social Justice.

Our History

The concept of YAC came about in 2016 from the travels and work of Angela M. Mosley. Ange always engaged young adults in nontraditional learning and since her teenage years, she worked diligently with the community alongside mentors and volunteering with women in transition, substance abuse populations, and incarcerated youth. As a natural creative, she changed her perspective to focus on entrepreneurship and global leadership in support of a stronger foundation for generations to thrive successfully in the future. 

Her decision to establish YAC as a nonprofit came in 2019 and her partnered international work experience with the Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities, the Armenian Embassy in DC, and The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Armenia in Chicago. She hosted a group of artists interested in training to promote the Arts as a catalyst for activism. In 2019, she and Dr. Valentine Magliarini created the first Hip-Hop summit in the Umbria region of Italy. They hosted workshops with some American and Italian artists to address the conflict of immigrants and Italians through music. They had a concert, giving some an opportunity to perform live on a big stage. It was scheduled for the following year but COVID happened…activity will resume and with hopes of a yearly event.


Social Justice

Empowerment to secure the use of their voice and perspective.

Economic Development

Identification and receipt of equitable educational resources to create and nurture a strong community.


Better accessibility to post-high school education and employment via mentorship and experiential learning.

Civic Engagement

Increasing young adults positioning in diversified STEAM industries with an influential perspective on local and global change.

(Art + Activism)

Holistic instruction aimed at solving social problems utilizing the Arts and the skills of imaginative synthesis.

Our Community

Women &
Communities of Color

The Future is Wo/men

The saying goes, “behind every great man…” but the truth is that success rests in the hands of partnering men and women. YAC addresses gender and race inequities of marginalized communities to progressively work at getting it right for the regeneration of the community. 

We ALL are a part of the community!

Engage in an Endless Quest of Discovery

 YACs goal is to engage participants in a collaborative and intergenerational open-space where they actively contribute to their education. As future leaders, we place the young adults at the wheel and put their innovation into rotation. 

We want to see YOUR geniusness at work!!

Middle - High School

College & Grad Students

Be an Original Masterpiece and Not a Carbon Copy

YAC encourages each participant to take what they learned and put it into practice. Does it rise to the occasion or does it fall flat? Either way, it goes from a concept to a reality. They will get the skills needed to thrive as independent professionals and become a positive impact on society. 

So, we invite you to dream big, live your life out loud, and create something to inspire the world. 

What footprint will you make?

Moving Forward with Different Vibez

Empowering community leaders to directly and functionally engage with the community in a more effective way. We live, we learn, and we create intergenerationally.

Faces of the Future

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Mission, Vision & Values

Activism through Art

The You Artistry Collaborative (YAC) is an intercultural co-educational cooperative of artists and educators providing a community-based approach to learning.


Our initiative is designed to empower the voices and perspectives of young adults toward community revitalization, the promotion of social change, and reformation through the arts both nationally and internationally.


YAC’s vision promotes and cultivates youth with limited resources into activism and the development of their  voice, and its programs are designed exclusively for young adults who are interested in the arts and tailors the program to fit each individual with an all-inclusive perspective.


Empower the voices and perspectives of young adults toward community revitalization, the promotion of social change, and reformation through the arts both nationally and internationally.

Belief in Global Impact

You have the chance to reshape your future through the arts. With the necessary resources, connections, intercultural engagement, and social responsibility, your talents and abilities as an artist will thrive.


Encourage holistic development and advances the understanding and importance of diversity and inclusion for global leadership across generations.


YAC is committed to being an inclusive culture.  We accept, respect and value, individual differences.  All those who value of mission, vision, and values are welcome to join our movement.

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  • Speak It Loud, Live It Proud. Hip-Hop Youth Workshop, UK
  • Hip-Hop: A Regenerative Practice. Umbra Institute, Italy
  • The Artivism of a Hip-Hop Practice. Pratt Institute, USA
  • STEAM Education: A Global Hip-Hop Perspective. Portsmouth University, UK


  • Slam Poetry Hip-Hop Armenia. Armenia 
  • Globalization of Hip-Hop Culture. Hip-Hop Summit, Italy 
  • The Creative Dream Call. Kirkwood Community College, USA


  • Expat Artivism. Artist Residency, Germany


  • Social Justice and Art. Adler University, USA
  • How Can Art Cultivate Change? Artist Residency, Italy
  • Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities. Coralville, USA



The mission of YAC is to create a supportive environment for young adults by emphasizing the importance of community development through intercultural engagement in pursuit of service learning, artistic programming and internship.

We recognize the world is changing and as a participant of YAC, you are provided a platform to network with diverse mentors of the 4th Industrial Revolution (representing a combination of cyber-physical systems) along with members of other varied disciplines who instruct on the techniques needed to revitalize the global economy. These individuals help to build and nurture your competiveness throughout the global marketplace. You work diligently alongside others of multicultural backgrounds to foster a supportive environment and be offered an innovative perspective to modern technology and 21st century global leadership. This experience ensures a strong foundation for participants with more advanced skills to creatively invent and integrate newfound knowledge within our everyday lives.

Depending upon the program of interest, participants ages vary. The Mentoring Program, applicants can be enrolled in the 7th grade but for the Residency Program, applicants must be legal age, minimum 18 years of age and no older than 25 years of age.

YAC accepts applications for its domestic and international programs from prospective participants who are legal residents of their home country and its territories. YAC does not provide visas for participation in their programs and prospective artists who have established other means of US Residency (i.e. asylum seekers) are welcome to apply.

While YAC’s admissions committee does not consider prospective applicant’s grade point average as the sole requirement of the process, this is a factor into the decision of the committee alongside recommendations, interviews, transcripts, and other varying levels of achievement.

Although YAC does focus on the creativity of its participants, prospective applicants are not required to be an artist. YACs programming is purposed to include individuals of multiple interest to foster an open environment for diversity and inclusion, emphasizing its importance in the need of globalism.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $25 US dollars for processing. This is payable via PayPal.


We understand our prospective students are at various stages within their lives, which may limit their time and commitment, therefore YAC offers three (3) tracks for its participants – Internship, Mentoring, and Artist-In-Residency.

We understand prospective applicants are at various stages throughout their lives so our goals are to nurture in ways which will increase awareness and eduction. We actively recruit particularly among underrepresented communities to close the gap in education and workforce development by focusing on the areas of artistic expression, social justice, entrepreneurship, artivism, community development and technology. In pursuit of these goals, we seek to support training of the next generation mentors and establish community initiatives focused on education, environmental sustainability and wellness.

Track 1: Artist-In-Residency

A 2-month summer immersion experience in a progressive thinking environment infused with distance learning centered on civic leadership from a creative perspective. Residents will benefit from the contemplative international retreat with collaborative partners while also contributing to a dynamic mix of programming for community growth and sustainability.

Track 2: Accelerated Mentorship

A 10-month intensive accelerated seminar – part instruction, part interactive – with an integrated component of globalism and intergenerational engagement. With this seminar, there will be mandatory courses with themes solicited from participants throughout the community seeking trained professionals for employment and 21st century leadership.

Track 3: Internship

A structured work experience for selected participants – high school aged (only juniors and seniors), undergraduate and graduate students – depending upon positiion, related to a participant’s academic major and/or professional goal. This experience is supervised by a professional in the industry and the participant is expected to collaborate with the team in all stages of the project. The internship can be one academic term (summer, spring, fall) or multiple academic terms in length.

Mentors assume many different roles but are required to maintain a strict professional relationship, consisting of boundaries with participants. The purpose of this program is to encourage independence for the young adults while instructing on interviewing and business ettiquette, navigating personal and professional relationships, conflict resolution, and networking.

The mentor, during the course of a relationship, should share some basic qualities:

  • A sincere desire to be involved with a young person
  • Respect for young people
  • Active listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Ability to see solutions and opportunities
  • Flexibility

To be a mentor within the YAC community, there is a yearly commitment that is asked of participants. We value your time and dedication to young adults but we also respect your personal responsibilities.

YACs programming is a fusion of distance learning with intensive small group sessions. Participants can pursue individualized research projects under the tutelage of leaders in their field of interest in addition to contributing to group sessions or one-on-ones with peers.


While support from corporate sponsors is welcomed, our partners should seek to align closely with our mission, values, and programs, all of which are centered around our five pillars: social justice, economice development, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and artivism. Partnerships should seek to encourage the creative, artistic, technical, and scientific skills required of the 4th revolution – a combination of the physical, digital and biological worlds – with the understanding and challenges of 21st century leadership.

For more information, contact .

You can make a donation to our participants through the use of new or slightly used technology equipment; serving as an internship hosting site; volunteer and mentoring commitments; facility space; and individual/corporate sponsorship.

You should support YAC because it puts the conversation into action.

YAC is registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions to YAC are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax identification number (EIN) is 83-3485845.

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